Gucci Marmont or Chanel Mini Flap

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Gucci Marmont camera small or Chanel Flap Mini

  1. Gucci

    8 vote(s)
  2. Chanel

    45 vote(s)
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  1. Chanel mini! Even the Gucci holds more but don’t like the shape personally:smile:
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  2. No offence to anyone, I know the mini is small but nevertheless it’s Chanel, Gucci marmont whilst it is lovely a lot of inspiration comes from Chanel , age old saying to me is why have the burger when you can have the steak

    Resale wise Chanel would be a better investment too
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  3. I would hands down for the mini. I was eyeing the marmont too at one point but the quality of the leather was not impressive, and the shape didn’t seem like it would hold in the long run!
  4. Hi there! While I realize we are in the Chanel forum, & like so many lovelies here, I’m a die hard Chanel lover. I own both C mini’s & the Gucci Marmont you are considering (mine is also mini size) The one thing I would like to say in favor of the Gucci is that (for me) it’s so much more “carefree”/stress free. The marmont has probably been my most used (or 2nd most used) bag this year since I bought it. The nude color is AMAZING in person & if you are a neutral lover like me, this color is just perfection. Yes the leather & finer details may be nicer w/ Chanel mini’s but i think there’s a place for the Marmont if you really love that bag. Best of luck deciding!:flowers:
  5. Hi, I voted Chanel until I realised you are considering patent. I think you should wait patiently for a more durable material if going Chanel otherwise go for the Gucci marmont because patent does not age well
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  6. 100000000% mini!
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  7. I actually looked at the Gucci Marmont bag and was not impressed with their leather. I prefer the mini and would wait for caviar or lambskin (as delicate as it is, the color saturation is gorgeous!) one. Nothing against patent as I own a couple of them.
  8. [​IMG]
    I don’t have a Chanel mini. I have an extra mini. But my GUCCI marmot is my workhorse bag. If you can work both into ur collection, that would be great. I can fit a ton of stuff in that bag. Even a small umbrella! It’s worry free also and I like that it has the GG hardware in one side and the GG in plain leather on the other. You really can’t go wrong with either bag.
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  9. I also have the above bag (Gucci marmont) and Chanel Minis. The Gucci is more of a carefree bag and it’s camera style. It’s hard to compare it to a flap style bag. I think they are both worthwhile of having as they serve different purpose.

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  10. To me the Gucci will be good for maybe a season or two. Chanel is timeless.
  11. Gucci has some good bags, but between the two, I’d say get a Chanel mini over the Gucci Marmont for sure.
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  12. I have had all brands and styles of luxury brands over the years and recently purchased my first Chanel. I would buy the Chanel because it is TIMELESS and will never go out of style. I purchased the WOC and I am now looking at the Timeless Tote. You can't go wrong.
  13. I love Chanel and own several. If price is not a worry get the Chanel mini. The Chanel is an iconic bag and will definitely hold its value. I do own a Gucci Marmont backpack and I really like it. I have looked at almost every bag in the Marmont line and I must say you get a lot of bag for the buck. The Marmont is cheaper, really cute, and will hold more. You can’t go wrong and good luck with your decision.
  14. I say get both! Hehe they both are good in each purpose..but get the chanel first Bc of price increases.