GUCCI - Made in Mexico

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  1. Hi, I was reading a post about Gucci extending their license in the 1960's out. I have a Gucci wallet that states "Made in Mexico" with the appropriate Gucci label in gold. Is this considered authentic because of the licensing issue or is it a knock off. This is confusing to me. I can tell you though, it's the nicest Gucci wallet I've had. The quality is superb. Better than the Gucci wallets from Italy. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Baublesandbags
  2. WOW! if the quality is that impeccable, I dont see how its not authentic...where did u buy ur wallet?
  3. I´m from Mexico, and yes Gucci made stuff in mexico, I owned a couple of shoes, and the quality is superb, my mom owned several handbags and shoes too in the 1980 or so, in the 90´s I bought my shoes, when I was older enough for Gucci, though I don´t know if they still keep making them....
    I remember going to the Gucci boutique in Mexico with my parents when I was a kid....
  4. Hi guys, thanks for your answers. I actually bought the wallet at a Charity Event so I can't tell you where it was purchased originally. Only that it is made in Mexico. The leather is like lambs leather. Seems the gucci bags I bought that were made in Italy, eventually the insides crackle and rot out. Perhaps the water over there? Funny, it's only Italian bags that has happened with. But the wallet from Mexico has stayed intact.
  5. ^ this is so interesting.... Do you have a pic??? I'd be intersted to see the Made in Mexic tag....
  6. Hi, I'll take some photos and try to load them. I'm not sure if know how to load photos though. I'll try to get my daughter to do it.