gucci luggage?

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  1. I have a question, what luggage do you think is more reliable; vuitton or gucci?
    I don't know what i should get? please help​
  2. haha wow...this is the EXACT question i was asking myself!! I was kind of leaning towards lv, because thats what they are KNOWN for...but then again soooooooo many people have it and massive amount of fakes are making me think that gucci is a better bet

  3. i don't think it's a matter of which is reliable, but rather which monogram do you like more on your luggage?
  4. well technically LV luggage is a bit more reliable because the canavs is coated...and unless you get the GucciPlus line (which im not digging at ALL) youd have to be some what careful with ur bag!!! BUT WITH lv U can just wipe it down with a babywipe! :smile:

    if it was just on monogram, id probably just go with gucci because its not as out there as the LV is!! but then the thrill of having LV luggae is just wellll mmmm :smile:
  5. don't waste your money. i would get samsonite, or at least lesportsac.
  6. i actually agree, i would never travel with designer luggage, too much of a hassle. :yes:
  7. i agree...TLC-ing is too much can ruin ur mentality lol
    but if i had to choose between the two, it would definitely be LV cuz it's way more durable
  8. haha i dont baby things...i know i should and i kick myself later when bags get ruined

    but then im like whatever...things are MADE to get worn out and used!!! and to those that travel a lot a cute little duffle like that is the ULTIMATE "bag"!!! i dont know im one of those persons that likes the little bit of zing least expected (like the gucci ice trays i plan to get in vegas haha)

    its just FUN!! but i agree LV looks more durable...but gucci is ALSO a lotttttttttt bigger and like a few HUNDRED bucks cheaper....
  9. yea, I think I'm gonna go with the gucci thanks
  10. I guess I'm too late, but if it was me I'd choose LV for carry on and Samsonite for check in. LV really is good for luggage, that's what it was made for. Although I like several of their purses, many in the fashion world mock people who wear them because they aren't about purses, they're about luggage. Anyway, for I'd be too scared to check in something that valuable and screams "Steal me" so I'd choose samsonite, they're very well made. If you like a gucci carry on that's fine too (as mentioned its cheaper and has more room or something).
  11. LV by a mile.
  12. why do you not buy 2 luggage bag, one is LV and one is Gucci.
    and then, U go to travel with them, U will have the answer ! hehe !