Gucci Loves NY Bag

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  1. Hi everyone! I am thinking about getting one of these bags and was wondering what you guys think of it. I've asked some of my friends - some like it because they think it's "cute tacky" and some others just think it's tacky. I think the medium sized one is very similar to the LV Speedy shape and I don't have the LV speedy so this wouldn't be a redundant bag for me. Will it be possible to buy one or will it be sold out quickly? Any thoughts would be appreciated - I'm thinking about getting the medium one - thanks!
  2. Have you some pic :confused1:
    ore it is me who don´t understand what bag you are asking about :shame:
  3. Thanks emald37 it was me who don´t understand the question :Push:

    But sorry I don´t like this bag :angel:
  4. I'm going over to get one tomorrow during my lunch break. Guess you know what my answer is...
  5. i think the decision is really up to and if you think you'll use it. If you like it... buy it. Everyone has different preferences. Think fast because it's a limited edition. Good luck!!!
  6. i love this bag - the best part is that 100% of the $ goes to parks in Central Park - I think it's quirky & cute but I'm a native ny'er & adore ny - love the connection gucci has w/ the greatest city in the world - if you like it - go for it :tup:
  7. congrats!! but we love to see some pic :yahoo:
  8. I could so understand someone not loving this bag but I love it - here are pics - NY GIANTS COLORS TOO!

  9. I bought it yesterday and posted a picture in the New Gucci Store thread. The bag comes with a Gucci Heart NY bag charm.
  10. OMG! Just checked eBay to see if the bags were there! They are and are selling at sick prices. One maniac is looking for a BIN of $1750 for the bag that retailed for $730, with no mention of the bag charm that comes with it! Ugh!
  11. im glad its for a good cause...but i hate the bag. its ugly....sorry
  12. i didn't mean to say it like that...
  13. hey, that's fine pursefiend to each his own ;) important thing is that you get what you love & i love this bag, ny is my home & just looking at it makes me happy - 100% of the $ going to a charity of the city i love is fantastic - the fact that it launched the opening of the largest gucci store in the world - very cool - the colors represent ny - the vintage 80's double g pattern-i grew up w/ my mom carrying gucci bags - this bag is very ny - its hot :tup:
  14. Oh I love it! Go for it if you will use it. I think its a keep-sake! :smile: