gucci lovers please help

  1. tell me what purse is good for my first gucci spending no mre than 800.... is there any problems with the fabric....I see some have leather and fabric can anyone give me any advice...I own the LV lockit and I love it ...any info would be great I'm going to gucci monday
  2. Their new britt medium hobo is luscious IMO. I'm eyeing that one as we speak. I like it in black and seems to be a good every day bag.
  3. I love the britt also ........I did try it on but was not sold at the time.... I kinda like the boston bag
  4. I have the new britt medium hobo in black. I absolutely love it. I carry it more than my LV speedy 30, because it is just the right size for all of the things I need. It is definitely a everyday and functional bag for me. I highly recommend it for a first.
  5. The Britt is great... I think as long as you take care of the bag you will not have a problem with it
  6. what about the princy hobo?
    small version: 660 us dollar
    large version: 725 us dollar
    (also in brown leather)

    or the abbey medium shoulder bag?

    725 us dollar

    or the abbey hobo?

    small version: 725 us dollar
    large version: 765 us dollar

    I have a fabric messenger bag and I've had no problems with it ... it still looks the same as when I bought it.
  7. I love the abbey hobo. I think that'll be my next purchase.
  8. I'm a big abbey hobo fan too!
  9. I love the britt tote in brown as my personal fave..very functional.....
  10. hobo would be nice..
  11. Jewl4Joe did you get anything if so what did you end up getting? If so I would love to see pics.
  12. [​IMG]This is the bag I finally decided to get ......I love it.....I'm very carefull I'm afraid the fabric will get pulls....Hopefully I can just enjoy it and be comfortable...Thanks fr all your post's.....This is my second purse in 3 months ....I love my new LV lockit:yahoo: Im on strike for awhile
  13. LOVE IT!!!! Great choice. Congrats
  14. The Britt hobo would be perfect