Gucci Lovers Please Help Me !!!

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  1. What is this Gucci bag called? And how much does it retail for?

    I would appreciate any info u guys cud give me. I am thinking about purchasing my first GUCCI bag and this wud be PERFECT for me. However, I cant find it on the Gucci website and I cant find it in the Gucci store.

    Also, if a certain bag is not displayed on the shelf in a Gucci shop, does that mean theyre out of stock? Or is it possible its being kept in storagE?

    Thanks guys. :yes:
  2. This one doesn't have a name. It is actually on the website, under travel & business/luggage:

    It's $530 US. Keep in mind that selection varies from store to store, so the store you were looking at may not have this bag.
  3. Thanks for the help, gucciabbey!

    Is this a permanent bag? Or is it gonna disappear from the stores in a few months?

    Also, if its not on the shelf, does that mean the store doesnt have it? Or are some bags kept in storage?
  4. I think it is a permanent bag, I've always seen it at the store season after season, and it's always on the site. If it's not on the shelf, maybe you can ask a SA? I'm not sure if they keep bags in storage. You can also order online at Good luck finding it!
  5. Ok, Thank for everything!

    You've helped me a LOT! :amuse::biggrin:
  6. Your welcome! Glad I could help! :smile:
  7. Next time..Please post this question in the NAME THAT GUCCI THREAD!
Thread Status:
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