Gucci Lookbook for Cruise collection

  1. I got a chance today to check out the new designs for the upcoming collection. I can't wait!

    Okay I'm crazy about the Britt collection so I truly focused on that when I was looking in the book.

    The New Gucci Britt Boston bag will come in: black w/ Gold GG's,Ivory w/ ivory and gold stripe under gold GG's, the ivory is available in Guccissma and plain leather. (Still waiting for the final info on this bag) It's not in production yet.

    The Britt tote will be avail in Ivory.

    The Britt shoulder bag will be avail in a beautiful platinum color and also Ivory Guccissma.

    Also the tote that someone on the forum has already will come in large and medium. Plus there are a couple other different styles of the tote.

    Okay that's all I can remember.
  2. wow- the britt boston bag is just the bag i have been dreaming of!! the ivory is beautiful. but would guccissima leather be too much?? do they come in different sizes? i would even get the black, but i just invested in a balenciaga black city bag. i cannot wait for this bag!!!