Gucci logo fabric - should I treat it first?

  1. I am afraid to start carrying my Gucci 'abbey' because I don't know how the signature fabric wears or stains.

    Should I treat it first? With what?


  2. my SA's always tell me scotchgaurd
  3. I have the Abbey and I haven't treated mine. No wear on it, but it's hard to gauge cos I don't even use it once a week. On the other hand I've had my purse and key holder for 1.5 years and there are no stains and no signs of wear on them.
  4. I'll look for some Scotchguard. I'm in UK now, so I don't know if it's sold here but I'm sure there is an equivalent. Thanks!
  5. This maybe off topic... how about Guccissima? Can I use Scotchguard for leather on it too? I am afraid to get scratches on my pink wallet and don't want to carry it with the box! :sweatdrop:
  6. Could you find out plz also as i leave in da uk and own a gucci fabric bag.
  7. i appleguard everything.
  8. I've sprayed my Gucci bag with AG. It still looks as good as new. I don't use it every day though.
  9. anyone had any problems scotchguarding their gucci fabric? i called my gucci store and they said no need to use anything, as the fabric is already pretreated with some protector.

    They don't sell AG where I am, but I do have Scotchguard... do folks recommend this? TIA!!
  10. They sold Scotchguard in the UK last time I needed some. Try John Lewis or other large dept stores.
  11. what's the difference between scotchguard and appleguard, can someone please enlighten?
  12. What is appleguard? Where can it be purchased?
  13. FYI, i used water proofer on most of my fabric handbags. I think you should be able to get it from local shoe shops. I got mine from Nine West and its good. I am also planning to spray on my abbey once I receive it.
  14. Thank you..