Gucci Lining

  1. Hi all..Does anyone here know what the inside of the medium (chain)horsebit guccissima (in chocolate) is like? I LOVE that bag!! I'm so ready to purchase from the website...but I saw one on eBay w/ brown lining and one w/ horsebit lining...different fabrics for different years? I prefer the horsebit lining..Thanx so much !!:yahoo:
  2. hi there, I have the chocholate guccissima large tote and it has the horsebit lining. Beware eBay is full of replica's and scam artists. Buy from a reputable shop when in doubt. Personally I am against buying handbags off of eBay because of my experience and all the stories that I have heard. If you are not a seasoned veteran and expert on Gucci go to a reputable dealer. You may be wasting your money on a replica.
  3. Thanx for your reply....I wouldn't buy Gucci on e-bay either..I was just curious what the lining would be..It doesn't tell you on the website...However I've had good luck purchasing Coach on e-bay...I have several pieces and I'm on line and in the Coach boutique all the time..I KNOW what is fake a mile away....I'll let everyone know when I get the nerve to purchase that bag...Of course I'd have to get the wallet too....But I just bought carpet for my house!! *** sob *** :crybaby:
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