Gucci leather vs. fabric large chain horsebit hobo

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  1. Hello, ladies!! I am thinking of getting my FIRST gucci bag, and I am wondering if I should get the Large Chain Horsebit Hobo in black leather or black fabric. What have your experiences with them been? Thanks!:smile:
  2. I think the leather is classic. I to am trying to decided which Gucci to get for my first purchase. I am torn between the brown Guccissima leather or the plain black leather.[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][/FONT]
  3. Guccissima leather is soo nice..I have a large chocholate brown guccissma tote and a large guccissima boston..stamped leather is so unique and exclusive to Gucci..also I heard it is hard to copy for the fakers on eBay...good luck
  4. I would get it in leather, i think it's more durable...
  5. I agree with everyone else so far - leather! The chocolate brown guccissima is TDF!!!

    Btw, I think EMMY just bought a chocolate brown guccissima horsebit hobo. I'm not sure if she's received it yet, but you might want to ask her how she's finding it...
  6. I like the plain leather first, then the fabric then the guccisima, for some reason the guccisima looks funny to me on a bag that size. I LOVE this bag, the strap is genius!
  7. I like Guccissima leather as well.
  8. Thanks for the responses, ladies!! After calling up the nearest Gucci store and chatting with the SA, I have def. decided to get leather:smile:

    I agree with you all that the chocolate gussima leather is TDF, but I havvvvvve to get a black bag! I have so many brown bags that if I buy another one, I am going to put myself in a mental institution!! LOL:upsidedown: :upsidedown:

    This will put my purchase back a month or so b/c now I have to come up with the extra $ that the leather one will cost. I think in the long run, though, that the all leather one is def. worth the price.:yes:

    Thanks for all the input:yahoo:
  9. When you get it, post picture !! :drool:
  10. ^^ This thread was started over 2 years ago.....
  11. haha, I am so embarrased ! I was serching for information about Guccissima. :sweatdrop:
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