Gucci leather or fabric?

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  1. So today after work I took a long walk and ended up at Saks. I know, how weird! Anyway, I visited the Gucci counter (again) and I think I found the bag I want. I just can't decide between black leather and black signature fabric. The price difference is minimal. Here are pics of the fabric bag... can't find pics online of the leather one anywhere.





    The leather one was just gorgeous. :love: :love: It's somewhat plain, but the hardware is stunning and it's actually quite roomy. Even has a cellphone pocket inside. It's about 11" x 8" x 3".

    It's my next bag! What to doooo... And of course it's one of those bags that no one seems to have except this one Saks counter. doesn't even have it in leather.
  2. Well I think if your looking for something very chic but simple go for the leather one, the fabric ones will get torn at the corners like my gucci tote.:cry:
  3. I would go with the leather. My fabric Gucci bag has not held up as well as the leather - the fabric starting to pill.
  4. See that's why I love the purse forum!!

    The leather one will last forever, I could tell just holding it.
  5. This one is small enough to do in the leather. The horsebit hobos from the Cruise collection a year or two ago were quite heavy in the leather because they are so large. I like the fabric for the signature, but if you get the black it won't be that noticeable anyway.
  6. Yeah I'm never getting another big leather bag, my shoulder can't take it.

    I put all of my stuff into this bag at Saks (wallet, phone, PDA, Ipod, etc) and there was still some room left over. Yay!
  7. Definitely leather. The signature print will eventually get "old."
  8. Leather for sure
  9. I prefer the fabric.. but I guess it also depends on the wear that you'd put on the bag. The girls are right, a leather bag will definately last longer and you won't accumulate the same kind of wear on the corners.
  10. i almost always choose leather over fabric.
  11. Leather over canvas.
  12. I love gucci fabric, it's the only logo fabric I actually like ... however, on all THREE of my gucci fabric bags, the fabric has worn on the corners, just like everyone else said. :sad: I think that bag will look nice in leather!!
  13. So it dawned on me that I can have the leather AND the signature: by getting a Guccissima bag! I actually already saw and loved the tote, and reasoned that since I do not own a brown leather bag, this bag in chocolate may be right for my first Gucci...

    medium tote


    medium top handle bag

    or maybe even

    small boston bag

    I should be getting a very sweet annual employee bonus next month, crossing fingers, so this is gonna be my little reward for that.

    Does anyone here have any of these bags or have a preference?
  14. I have the large top handle bag. It's really beautiful. I wouldn't get it in the Boston personally. I think it's too much stuff going around and the Guccissima gets lost with it...

    I like the other two. Two things to consider--1) do you want a shoulder strap bag? If so the top handle bag probably won't work on the shoulder. 2) What kind of closure do you want? I'm not sure if the tote has a closure or a zipper... If that's the case, you might want to make sure whether you're ok without the zipper closure...
  15. I looked at the tote in person a couple weeks ago and I am pretty sure it has some kind of closure.

    I do like having the option of wearing on the shoulder.

    Weirdly, has the tote for $1150, but it's only $1095 at neimans website. What's with the $55 difference, I wonder.