Gucci large web hobo in black?

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  1. Hi, I want a Gucci large web hobo and sold out at Saks online. They only post that they sell it in brown. Is this purse made in black? eBay has some postings for a black version but I am not aware that Gucci makes this in black, am I wrong?
  2. They have a large web hobo and new large web hobo, that are almost identical aside from the flap. Both are beautiful! I love this bag.
  3. Thanks so much! It does not come in Black canvas though correct? Only the leather version? Sorry, I just do not want to get scammed and I am being told the Black canvas version is authentic but can not find where this is made in the black canvas version by Gucci. Thanks again for the info!:biggrin:
  4. I've not seen it in black canvas. I can't even find it in a black trim!
  5. Yes, the large Ladies Web Hobo is available in black canvas. Two TFP members own the bag in the black canvas and I believe that they have posted photos of their bags here in the Gucci forum. You might be able to do a search and find the photos. I own this bag in the beige canvas with beige leather trim. I purchased mine last year on for about 26% off the orig. retail price.
  6. ^^expy, when did it come out? I guess I missed it. I've never seen it on any e-sites
  7. I got the black canvas version with red and green web Flap!!! I have post pics before and I love it! It came out the the first time they are out with the guccissima version.
  8. Love2sho_26: I'm not sure when the black canvas or light beige trim were first made available. I'm thinking that probably two years ago or so. I do remember seeing the black canvas version on the Gucci web site last year, along with the dark brown trim version. I might stop by my local Gucci boutique tomorrow. If so, I'll ask my SA about the black canvas version and I'll try to get the style number for you.
  9. Aeonat, you'll have to post a photo of your black Web set, pretty please :graucho:
  10. Sorry for the delay, here is the pics of my black canvas large web hobo.

    Attached Files:

  11. ^^ What a great web set, Aeonat, congratulations!

    I never got the chance to stop by my local Gucci store this month so I have no idea if the black (large) canvas Ladie web hobo is still available for purchase.