Gucci Large Tote - Saks Fifth

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  1. Hi,

    I was looking at the Saks Fifth Avenue website and found this lovely Gucci bag, does anyone have this bag, or have a picture of it in a different angle?

  2. ^^ I think that's a gorgeous bag too! But haven't seen it IRL, so I can't help much.
  3. I like it although it's not casual enough for me. Also, I HAVE to have shoulder bags and I'm not sure that would fit.
    LOL! Guess you didn't ask if we liked it! Sorry!
    No, I don't have a better photo.
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT BAG. sorry I'm no help with the extra pix. =P
  5. i love that bag, it's even more gorgeous in blue.
  6. I LOVE that bag. I posted that same picture on another thread awhile ago. That was the only pic I found of it. Sorry.
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