Gucci large stripe hobo

  1. very cool. i love it.
  2. I don't like the shape of the bag, but I really like the straps and the hardware. It does look kind of punk.
  3. Omg... it's NOT available on Bluefly anymore! Nooooooo.... :amazed: Dang, that was fast. Good stuff always sell fast. So much for my wish list. :sad2:
  4. Irissy, I don't have very god experiences from Gucci fabric bags:sad: . The fabric wears down to easily. A friend bought her Gucci waist bag for about six months ago and there are holes in the bag now:amazed: !! There for I only buy all leather bags when I buy from Gucci. They got some really good looking bags:nuts:
  5. cute i like
  6. drooling still...