Gucci Large Leather Horsebit

  1. Does anyone have a large leather horsebit. If so post pics. I would like to compare the large with the medium.
  2. I have the large lesther horsebit and the logo medium one. I have been trying to post pictures of my colllection but I can't figure how to post it. It says its too large
  3. Here's mine in tan.
  4. I have the medium in navy and was wondering would the large be too large an overwhelming for me. How tall are you I am 5'4"?
  5. I'm 5'4 and have the large. When I first got it I thought it was huge and a bit overwhelming. After wearing it out though, I fell in love with it. I don't even think about the size of it anymore. If you can, go look at it in person and try it on.
  6. I am 5'4". I do not live in an area that sells Gucci so if I purchase one it would be thru online or by phone. Would you recommend a Gucci SA for me. I would like black or tan. Does your things fall to the botton and is it user freindly?
  7. i have the monogram large horsebit which i bought 2 years back. the bag is still looking good but i do find it alittle heavy on the shoulder though. one thing for sure is that it is a great shopping bag.
  8. Sorry, can't recommend an SA because mine was purchased online. I agree with 'Poutine' that it does feel a little heavy on the shoulder, but that doesn't stop me from wearing it. My things do go to the bottom, but it doesn't bother me. Sometimes I have better luck finding what I need in that bag, then I do one of my smaller bags. I think its because there is so much room to just move everything around. I've had it now for 2 years and it is probably my most used bag. I love it!
  9. Hi.. I have the large brown leather horsebit. Bought it late last year. U agree with Poutine, a lil' heavy on the shoulder (mainly due to the goldware and leather (cos of its size)). But, its my fave weekend bag. Again agree with Puotine, Great for shopping! :biggrin: .. if it gets a lil' heavy, I just ask DH to help me carry it every once a while... heheheh. :graucho:
  10. Oh wow! That caramel color is TDF!
    I've loved this bag since the day I saw JS carrying it in her MTV show.
    I missed it as at the time Gucci wasn't selling online and I was too afraid to get it off ebay (way too many fakes).
    I find it hasn't kept it's resale value though.
    Are there any well known reputable Gucci sellers on ebay?
  11. currently the Gucci boutique is still carrying the classic brown monogram horsebit. the price has gone up since i bought it 2 years ago. i got it the min i saw JS carrying it on the newlyweds.
  12. there is this wierd metal tab feeling on the bottom of y horsebit straps and it digs into my shoulder blades.......does anyone have this problem with there gucci horsebit too????? i get like welts on my shoulders...(but imma wimp)
  13. I DID!!!!! Mine's is more of a circle though and omg it hurt like a :censor: . If I overstuffed the bag (meaning anything more than wallet, camera, and phone), I would be running my mouth the rest of the day.
  14. Yea, if I have alot in my bag, I feel it dig into my shoulder.
  15. Yes it does dig, it's kinda like a toggle or something, but it is still a FAB bag!!