Gucci Large Horsebit??

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  1. I've been going back and forth with the purse. I know alot of you own it in every size. I actually bought the large in plain ivory leather a few days ago and showed a girlfriend of mine and she said it was too big and it looked odd. so the very next day i returned the purse. I was just wondering if you girls got the same comment when you first bought the purse and how do you like your gucci horsebit hobo now? i must admit it did feel akward carrying it and i was told the leather does soften? thanks

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  2. I don't own one, but I was thinking about getting one. I went into the Gucci store and saw the Medium size one and it was already too big for me! If you don't like that big bag, try the Medium size. It looks pretty good. The big one is too big. It looked overly huge!! I really love the horsebit style. I just wish it was a little smaller for me. I'm like 5'2" and looks pretty big on me. :amuse: So anywayz what i'm trying to say is try the medium one.

  3. I actually have no problems with mine. The only problem is deciding which color should I get next. I LOVE my bag. I plan on getting the with one in a few months.
  4. dceneus what size is yours? i bought the large one that jessica simpson use to carry and i'm 5"10. I think the medium is too small for me but my girlfriends think the large one is still too big for me!!
    what color do you have? i was thinking maybe if i got it in black it would be a different story.
  5. i have the large size as well and although i get comments from people saying "its soo big!" (i'm kind of short- 5'5") i love it. and i think as long as you're happy then you should def go for it ;)

    can't comment on the leather though since i got the beige GG fabric. :Push:
  6. i bought it in ivory and because its sooooooo big i'm afraid of brushing up against things and getting it all dirty. does that happen to your large hobos because its so large?
  7. I love large bags! I don't think it looks too big at all.
  8. I love my bag and a big part of the charm/look of it is the size of it. I find it easy to carry and I've never received any disparaging comments about the size of it (and I'm petite). And the leather's great!
  9. i love love love my big bag. it's like the bag has its own identity, and i like that a lot. i'm 5'7", but i think it matches me. many people mouths drop or laugh when they see how big it is, but i personally like that. because five minutes later they want to try it on or borrow mine.
  10. me being under 5 feet, i could almost fit in it. so don't think i would get it, but if i was 5 feet 5 i would definitely rock it.
  11. I'm reviving this thread in 1) an effort to meet my 100 post quota :biggrin: and 2) to ask a question of you Gucci Horsebit Hobo owners. If you know me on the Fashion Spot, you know what this is about!

    I recently exchanged (by telephone with BG store in NYC) my large black leather Horsebit for the tan (cognac). Tan was my first color choice but BG didn't have it last year so I went with black, then never used it. The s/a was nice enough to let me do an exchange a year later.

    I love the tan color but the leather - OMG - it is flat, smooth and completely lacks texture of any kind! I almost thought it was fake upon pulling it out of the box. I have been wearing the bag for a few days and it's garnering a lot of attention but the black leather was so much nicer. What's up with Gucci? I never saw the older style tan/brown leather IRL, but it always looked so nice in photos.

    I'm keeping the bag because it's so fun to carry and looks great on, but OMG, the leather... (I know, I already said that...)
  12. Ok! I agree and Im 5"3"-5"4".
    Now let me get this str8. U took it back bcuzz of what a friend said? Ppl's taste differ. So if u were comfortable w/it I dont see what the need was to take it back. I woulda told her to buzz off.
  13. I have nothing but love for that bag. Have it in tan and black, it carries all of my work/toddler stuff, so it's great. I have to admit, when I first took it out of the box, it struck me as really huge but then after getting used to wearing it, I adore it! I'm 5'11", but seeing pics of Jessica S and Michelle Pfeiffer, and JLo, th ebag looks great on all those frames.
  14. Wow. I'm just not familiar enough with the different colors/textures of the leather. Mine is a black Guccissima and the leather is insanely wonderful. I don't know if the color affects the texture - although I think I read something to that effect somewhere - or if it's just because it's different batches of leather. Perhaps it will gain more of a "texture" as it gets worn in and gains a patina??

    It is such a great bag, though. And I have to laugh at myself that after carrying my bag for just a couple of weeks, it didn't feel like a big bag at all! BTW, I am only five feet tall and no one has said it's too big for me.
  15. I'm 5'2" and petite, and a friend here at work just told me I look like I could fit inside the bag! She was taken aback by the size, but loves the color and does not think the leather is completely unfortunate. I hope you're right that it will break in with time. I think you're also right that the color affects the texture - I vaguely recall someone telling me that the leather on the tan is "pressed", whatever that means! :lol: