Gucci large horsebit hobo... the allure diminished from fakes?

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  1. I love this bag SO much and I spent SOOO long waiting for one that was actually authentic (and basically brand new!) to show up on eBay to get a deal, save a couple hundred. I never wear it and I got it in mid July. The allure of this bag for me has been tainted by so many fakes of it. I feel so ashamed for feeling this way!

    Anyone else feel this way about the large chain horsebit hobo, or another Gucci bag that is heavily faked?

    I couldn't tell you why I care but I do! I wish I didn't, I still spent a ton of money on this bag that I do still love but that I never wear. I can't seem to be able to carry it with confidence!
  2. Awwww! Don't feel that way! Yesterday, I was out to dinner, and saw someone with a fake med. horsebit hobo, and I felt bad for HER! Poor girls are spending 100's on bags that are worth nothing. Carry your bag with confidence! YOU know its real!

    But, saying that...I dislike the LV monogram because it's EVERYWHERE and most of it must be fake...
    But I rarely see Guccis IRL...maybe it is the area I live in. ?
  3. yes i have the medium chain horsebit hobo and have seen people carrying fakes and i just think to myself i know theirs is fake i wonder if people think mine is fake. but you know what.. we don't carry fakes so carry it with pride.

    ps- korilynn yes that is part of the reason why i do not like the LV mono so much... fakes all around me gah! (but alas i do have ONE LV mono on my wish list because it is simply irresistable!!)
  4. Shorty, I know, right?! I love the LV mono too...but I REFUSE to buy far....
  5. The thing is - those that know it is real - will know!! Carrying ANY gucci / LV / Chanel etc bag is like this - those that do not know will probably assume it is fake anyway.

    If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me "is that real...?" argh...
  6. I feel this way too. I don't know why I care but it bites when I have something authentic and the next day I see people sporting a look-alike or exact copy and I can't help feeling that I've been "had" by the company and bought into the name.
  7. If I see someone carrying a fake Gucci, I will try to sneak in front of her and show her the REAL thing!

    I wear my Gucci in pride! No way I'm going to hide them in my closet.
  8. hear hear! I hate fakes... of any kind.
  9. [coco] - i understand whole heartedly. i had someone question my tiffany's jewelry. a girl came up to me in the gym and ask "is that a real tiffany bracelet?" i was shocked. because i have alot of tiffanys, but only 1 piece that say "Return to Tiffany" so i guess that was what stood out to her.

    and i also agree with the LV mono...ESPECIALLY the multicolored LV. OMG, those bags are EVERYWHERE!!! smh
  10. In Vienna I see a lot of Gucci canvas bag fakes, expecially the horsebit hobo... seems like everyone gots one...
  11. I have this bag and there are people at my job who carry the same bag but FAKE... the things is it tickles me that THEY KNOW mine is real.. I even had someone approach me about if I wanted to see some of the bags her family member sells... staright from New York... I stated to her that I only buy real bags from the boutique she saidd oh you won't be able to tell.... I stated again I would be able to tell and I am one of those people that want to keep my value in my and on top of that I don't buy things I can't afford simple as that... well she still carries that funky little fake but she sure doesn't mention anything to me about it
  12. people baying Fake don´t have tried the great feeling of having a real bag.

    I loved my first gucci so much and was so lucky , but after 3 month some tpf girls told me the bag was :tdown: oh, I could cry, but I newer wear this bag since.

    now I know my 3 bags are :tup: and that is a great feeling
  13. When I see a person with a fake I think "that bag looks terrible, nothing like the real thing." I feel sorry for her that she is carrying such an obviously fake bag and she probably thinks others think it is real. I carry mine with pride because it is sooooo beautiful!
  14. my future mother in law has a fake LV speedy. it's so:huh:Ooo fake i could just puke in it. and she swears it's real i'm like trust me it's fakkkkee!!!
    there are people out there that genuinely think their stuff is the real deal but what can we do? *sigh*
  15. What is worse than "is that real" is "how much did it cost".... all common questions that drive me mad.

    Haha Beejerry I HEAR YOU about seeing a girl with a fake. I flash mine in those moments too!! I detest fake bags... ugly ugly ugly.