Gucci Lady Lock Top Handle?

  1. I'm just thinking out loud, as I love this bag but have a very similar one (slightly less curved) like-new condition, dark red actually from the 1950s (lock and all). I won't be selling the vintage version :nogood:

    The LLTH is apparently even nicer than in the pic, not as light/bright and the leather is not patent but more like box leather (so I'm told). The lining is dark pink suede which is probably why it's making me salivate :drool:

    Anyone want to talk me out of it? :p

    Anyone got any better suggestions? :flowers:
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    Hi papertiger! I'm not sure I can talk you out of getting this bag , it is gorgeous! I love the hardware and the color is stunning. I went to the Gucci website and the whole LLTH collection is beautiful, love the bamboo handles....
    Since you have a similar color maybe get a different color or style to justify buying it?
    Just saw the briefcase clutch, I may have to add it to my wishlist!:smile:

  3. I'm so pleased you're feeling them too LVlvoe_bug,

    I agree with you on the bamboo handle model too and they could also be an option :yes:

    I have bags of most colours, If the the actual bag weren't quite as similar I would love this red LLTH but yes, I need to find out all the colours and which store has which.
  4. I just had to re-check out the briefcase clutch. Fabulous for day to evening,

    I'm feeling overwhelmed now :p
  5. Oh no, don't get overwhelmed! You''ll just have to buy both!:p I don't know alot about Gucci but it seems they are focusing on hardware this season..I also saw the alexandra bootie with the cylinder studs, gorgeous!

  6. No no, no enabling, I am bad enough by myself LOL :biggrin:

    As for booties, I will have live vicariously through you as I will not be able to walk in such high booties with no platform, super sexy though

    The high version of the Kim,,and even the mid-heel version (also gorgeous) are making be palpitate too might prove difficult as I'm not used to such a fine heel, I'm head over heels in love but I could also break my neck LOL :upsidedown:.

    BTW I checked some US sites (N&M and Saks) obviously there is a mid-blue in that high-shine leather. Not sure about that colour though :-s
  7. I found a pic on of Amy Adams on the set of American Hustle with a Moss python LLBTH
  8. I strongly agree with LVlvoe_bug the color on that Gucci is to dye for. The white stitch line pops against the red. What a classic color its so sheik. The hardware give just the right amount of flash without looking overdone. I will have to add this little beauty to my collection.
  9. Okay you had me at python!!! :biggrin:
  10. Papertiger, we have more pictures on the PurseBlog here, how do you like this color...? i think that you are right that the leather looks more like box, at least on the bamboo handle versions. Just gorgeous, I think.



    Here is the leather handle version for comparison

  11. Yes, and I love the Moss, Rust and the solid black python too. Not so keen on the seams running down the front though
  12. :flowers: Ah, thanks so much for the lovely big pics

    The blue is very close to my Aviation blue New Bamboo Top Handle. I also have a 1990s black lizard Kelly Lock, so that may too close too

    Perhaps, I just have too many Gucci bags and am starting to repeat myself :p
  13. The non-bamboo and bamboo versions in this deep red colour are absolutely stunning and timeless. You know me PT, I can't talk anyone out of buying beautiful bags!:biggrin:
  14. :lol:

    So far there have been no negatives, I wonder why :p

    Yes, the red still has my :heart: (maybe I should get the LL BTH).

    We shall see ;)
  15. I do like the red better than the blue, especially the red with the bamboo handle..I don't think you can go wrong with either style of the red....I can't talk you out of getting it either..:p Let us know what you decide....