Gucci Joy !!!!!

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Well ladies I'm so happy I finally got my first Gucci purse ever
    :yahoo:. I got the NEW Medium Gucci Joy Boston Bag in brown. And I'm in love :heart: its so roomie and stylish I can wear it with anything to work or to dinner with my girls. I LOVE IT !

    And the best thing ladies was the staff at the Gucci store Santana Row in San Jose, CA were great! VERY HELPFUL, Honestly I thought they would be stuck up but boy was I so wrong they were all very friendly. I so glad I finally got it and had a great time at that!

    Valerie :heart::heart::heart:

  2. Congrats on your first Gucci! I'm glad you had a wonderful buying experience also!
  3. Congrats on your first Gucci! :wlae:

    don´t think it will be the last. :nogood:
  4. congratulations!!! welcome to the forum :flowers:
  5. Congratulations Val!!! Way to go on your 1st Gucci bag. I'm glad that the Joy bag has brought joy into your life!!! :yahoo:I've shopped at the Santana Row store too and like you, my experience there was also very pleasant.
  6. Yay! Congratulations! Modeling pics please :tup:
  8. Congrats, I love the Joy, it's a great bag at a great price.
  9. Im new to the purse forum!! Im really interested in the gucci joy purse!!! I was looking at the white one as well!! If u buy it can u post up some pics and give me some feedback?? This will b my 1st gucci as well!! tks..
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. Let's see!
  12. I just bought the beige/ebony medium joy with the gunmetal trim, and I just love it! It was really hard to decide between that and the white one, but I thought that the beige color could be used all year long. Now I just have to tell my husband that I purchased another bag!
  13. congratulations on a great way!! Can't wait to see pics