Gucci 'joy' medium tote

  1. I'm thinking about buying the 'joy' medium tote with the double straps in beige/ebony...


    It's being sold online now, so really easy shopping :biggrin:
    Does any of you own this bag or have seen it 'in real'? Because that's the disadvantage: i've never holded the bag in my hands, if you know what I mean...

    What should I do?
  2. sold online - where? I didn't see that color only the white. I bought the white and black.
  3. I love the ebony i think it's gorgeous
  4. I like it but do the straps seem thin? I'm a huge "bag overloader" so I need thicker straps!
  5. Any thoughts on the new Gucci large joy tote with the crystallized canvas?
  6. Remember there is no lining.
  7. I saw this bag and I love it!