Gucci Joy boston with horse hair leather?

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  1. So I had to stop by Gucci boutique today and saw some of the beautiful new Jackie bags, lovely colors! I also found the fall collection of the new clutches, the Lucy folded clutch with the bamboo details in many colors, one that I loved was the purple, beautiful piece!

    However.. I found a Joy Boston medium that comes in black horse hair leather with GG stamp on it, looking like a guccissima leather but with hair, very interesting looking bag, but I had a question on my mind.. what were they thinking??? :wtf:
    I wonder if anyone else have seen it on your last visit to the boutique :P
  2. mmm interesting. If I have time tomorrow - I'll check the Gucci store in Bond St.

    There seem to be quite a few 'pony' skin bags this fall. SA in Gucci told me they're actually calf and not real pony bit the hair-on-leather is generally known as 'pony'.

    I love the new Jackie in the iridescent violet or the green.
  3. OH! It's called a pony skin? Ok that makes it more attractive lol the SA were not very helpful explaining anything, I think that one boutique has the most poor service in any of Gucci boutiques worldwide lol

    I love the Violet Jackie! But I couldn't even ask the prices, no one was "available" to help :P

    I might go ahead and buy this clutch, I couldn't stop thinking about it!

  4. BEAUTIFUL colour and I like the fact that the bamboo stands in for the logo.

    I think purple is like red - a definite colour but looks great with almost everything. You can wear the light gold hard-wear with silver or gold jewellery too - esp useful for the evening.

    The Jackie was just over (with out me looking it up) £1, 400 (British pound) .

    I tried both the violet and the green version and couldn't decide which I liked better. Green looked better on me and would 'go' with more of my clothes/hair/skin-tone BUT I loved the silvery/grey/violet-ness just for its own sake KWIM

    I think the Fall colours of the new Jackies are so much better for me than the Spring/Summer's. The purple python patchwork is amazing (if just a 'little' OTT) but price-wise - I can't justify it this year.

    I like so much of this year's Fall collection, I am in danger of not making any decision because I can't have it all.

    Gonna go back to GG today or tomorrow but London seems a little behind in getting new stock in to other major cities.

    Keep us posted on your decision(s)
  5. ayshaa: That is a beautiful clutch and that is a lovely shade of purple - it can be casual or fancy! I love the bamboo turnlock. It does add that wonderful pop of colour to an outfit.
  6. That clutch is gorgeous and i would love to see the bag that you're talking about!
  7. They didn't have a 'pony' Boston today at Gucci.

    Maybe it's an exclusive ayshaa

    Which city were you in when you saw it.

    I'd ****** love one!
  8. papertiger: I do like the Jackie, but they seems to be very huge and price-wise, I rather buy something else with it lol .. I am currently in Dubai, they probably have the pony skin joy boston as a middle east/asia exclusive? I am not sure, I will have to ask about it. I might have time to drop by Gucci boutique later in the evening, I want to get that clutch! I've been having dreams about it lol

    GhstDreamer: Totally agree with you! The bamboo turn-lock it what draws me into this clutch! I promised myself not to buy clutches lol but I couldn't help it, this is such a beauty!

    pro_shopper: It is beautiful :biggrin: I will take pictures when I get it. The joy boston in pony skin, I want to ask the SA if I can take a picture of it, it looks interesting but the idea I had that it is made of a horse skin freaked me out lol thanks to papertiger for explaining.
  9. Yup, I asked again if it was pony or calf (on a different bag). The SA said calf but she was talking out her a**s about most other things so I'll triple-check with my usual SA next week (I'm also against pony skin coz on real pony 'they' usually use FOALS - ugg :sad:)

    I wonder if I can get my SA to check on the availability of a Dubai/Mdl East exclusive for a European customer.

    Annoying thing I was in Dubai for work not long ago - so annoying didn't even occur to me to find a Gucci.

    Do you happen to remember the approx price?

    I can't afford to add another megabucks bag to my list this season. (It helps I dismissed a CHANEL because of IMO quality issues.

    BUT my heart is now yearning for the bag.
  10. Oh! Wish I knew you were in Dubai!
    I would love to go shopping with you! Let me know if you are going to be
    back in town :biggrin: I'll show you around the "local" way lol

    I remember she said it was 5,000 dirhams which is 834 pounds (1,362 US$)
    If I can take a picture for you I will, it looks quite interesting for winter.

    Lets hope it's not a real pony! I will be SO sad if that so.
    I had to turn down my favorite bags because they uses pieces of ostrich skin or deer skin.
  11. You sound like my kind of girl - if you find yourself in London may I reciprocate your kind offer, please PM me before you arrive - I would be only too happy.

    My SA in Bond St will tell me the absolute truth, he would always rather the customer be 100% sure and happy and return as a regular rather than push the hard sell.

    I know 100% that my Gucci jacket that I bought last winter is 'hair calf' because it says so inside even though it looks like 'pony'

    Be careful with other labels because real pony IS used.

  12. Even if you can't take a picture of the bag ( I would love it of course if you could) Do you think it would be possible for you to get the model no for me and I could try to get it sent.
    No hurry, I realise you have better things to do - but whenever you need to go to/ring Gucci for yourself.

    Thank you so much for alerting us to this extra special Boston Ayshaa.

    TIA sweetie;)
  13. Hi! I've been reading and researching about this Gucci Joy Boston exclusive pony/calf hair leather. My husband just bought it for me in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. His SA confirmed that it is indeed only sold in the Middle East.
  14. ^ Thank you for confirming cheryll

    I would absolutely value it if you could post a picture of your bag :flowers: