Gucci Jordaans Help (Wide Feet!)

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  1. Hi PFers! *waves* I'm hoping that those who have the Gucci Jordaans can help a poor, besotted gal with the sizing of these shoes. I usually wear an EU40, which is of course, a pain in Asia, so I mostly buy my shoes when I travel or I have to have them imported from the States (Yay for the three Ns - Nordies, Neiman, and NAP).

    Now here comes my tale of woe: I fell hard for the Gucci Jordaans. My local boutique doesn't stock these, so my best bet is the Gucci website. Just to give you an idea of how wide my feet can be: my feet don't fit into Chanel espadrilles.

    Should I give up on getting these? :confused1:
  2. #2 May 21, 2016
    Last edited: May 22, 2016
    I have a pair of Jordaans, and I think they are slightly narrower than the 'old' loafer (I have some 1953s too).

    I am typically 38.5 in a shoes and the 38.5 fits perfectly. In the 'old' loafer I also bought a 38.5 but it fitted large so I wear an insole.
  3. The good news is that the jacquard fabric Jordaans are more generous than the leather. I haven't settled on a jacquard pair but I can report that they're very comfortable :smile:
    My feet are wider than average (I can wear Chanel espadrilles but they're not comfortable) and I find leather Jordaans comfortable in my usual IT size 38. In the jacquard fabric Jordaans I easily fit into the 37.5s with wriggle room to spare.
  4. Thank you both anyway. I've decided to get the slippers instead.