Gucci Jolicoeur: Keep or Sell?

  1. I have this Jolicoeur tote in Medium. I've recently fallen in love with the LV Neverfull, and want to get the MM. I think I have way too much open totes, so, I might have to let this Gucci go. What do you think? i still love this tote though, the stripes and the bag charms are just too cute :smile:
  2. What color trim?
  3. the trim is bone... i'm having troubles uploading the pictures... i'll try again later
  4. I say keep it. It is a great bag and totally different than the Neverfull.
  5. keeep unless you don't want a collection or dont' have storage
  6. It's tough.. Maybe try and evaluate your collection and see what you need vs what you already have.
  7. Hmmm... bone is natural enough to go with most outfits. I'd say keep it :tup:
  8. that's actually a great tote. it has a totally different charm than the neverfull. here's what, you decide after the neverfull hype has died down. so many people want it because it's new (though i admit i really am liking it, trying to decide between that and a damier azure speedy). give it some time, you might regret letting it go.

    what charms does it have? the bag&boots or the gucci tag& butterfly? oh i'd love to have a jolicoeur... waiting for the sale in our country!!!:upsidedown:
  9. I have the jolicoeur and Neverfull MM, they are definitely two different bags. The Neverfull MM is much bigger than the Joliceur especially when the sides are not cinched. I think the Jolicoeur is definitely one to keep though since it goes with just about everything and is a classic shape tote that will never go out of style. The monogram LV will also never go out of style but the good news is that the Neverfull is not a limited edition piece and should be around a while and it has a pretty good price point....bad news is that there is rumors of a price increase on LV July 1st.

    I really LOVE my Jolicoeur and don't think it'll be one that I ever give up! In fact I'm thinking of sending her out for a nice cleaning to freshen her up :smile:

    good luck on your decision!
  10. [​IMG]

    Here's the bag. It's the medium. but i'm finding it really hard to let go :sad:
  11. OH its SOO cute!
    Are you sure you want to let it go.
    maybe you could keep it and get the LV too?
  12. Luvs, where are you going to send your bag to freshen it up? Does Gucci do that? Thanks.
  13. Gucci doesn't offer inhouse cleaning services, but they would recommend a local cleaner if you ask a SA at any store.
  14. actually gucci does clean bags, but it is RIDICIOUSLY expensive and most of the times not worth it! :smile: thats what my SA told me!!!
  15. oh i forgot to add, i think you should keep the bag!! its cute and chances are gucci wont bring the design back, where as you can ALWAYS get the because of the pricepoint of the neverfull (pretty cheap for a HUGE designer bag!) ALOT ALOT ALOT of people are going to get it!!

    THe gucci will remain to be a bit more unique...and its SUPER CUTE! :smile: