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  1. I just bought this bag today on the website.

    When I first saw it (I do think I am color blind) I could have sworn it was a lighter brown shade. Then when I went back to read the description I see it says grey. Now I can see the grey. I was very impulsive buying it didn't even read anything all the way through.

    I'm pretty disappointed because I wanted brown. I'm wondering what can I match this grey with? What colors does this color go well with?

    I'd return it but they only offer credit on there, so I don't know what to do. Plus I do love the bag, it's beautiful, just the color concerns me.

    Does anybody have this purse in grey so that I can see it in real life? I see many browns on the web (pictures of the real purse, not a stock photo) but no grey!


  2. Sofia

    I have the black leather Jockey Boston and both mine and the hobo version are simialr in shape and size. It will be such a great go-to bag have no fear :happydance:.

    As for the colour:

    As you say you can almost mistake the grey for brown because you have the brown in the cavas. Therefore I would not hesitate to use it as a brown bag. Go ahead and wear what you would have worn with it if it were brown.

    Grey, anyway, goes with everything Summer and Winter. Everyone should have a grey bag. Put it against any colour and I defy you to say it doesn't work.
  3. thanks so much, your words hare really calmed me down

    i'm eager to get it in the mail now

    i was so concerned that grey is more summery and for white shades and i like to wear a lot of browns and blacks

    thanks again!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  4. I've seen this colour in real's actually really pretty and grey is really in for fall!
  5. thanks neverenough! :smile: feel better even more
  6. In my Avatar you see mine in guccicima in the same colour and I really love this colour it fits all colors - to gray / black / blue is gray to brown shades are gray - green shades are gray-green tone certainly a very useful bag

    I really love it, even more than I thought, I would :love:
  7. I have this same bag and I've been carrying it for about three weeks, no matter what I've been wearing. I've received several compliments on it. I think it's a great bag and the grey is very neutral and can be worn year round. Enjoy your new bag.
  8. thank you all for the comments, im extremely eager to receive it in the mail now and start wearing it.. i'm glad to know it wont be as hard as i thought to match it with outfits:smile:

    thanks again:smile: :smile: