Gucci Jewel Dragon Chain handbag

  1. This is for DoughGirl .... I found the Gucci bag you were looking for on Here's a pic of it.
  2. I saw that bag in a number of magazines a while back, and I believe I saw it on my trip to NYC last year...isn't it about $3,000+?
  3. i LOVE that bag. one of my gave gucci bags. i don't own it though!
  4. That's one cool purse. There were others that totally looked like pieces of art!
  5. I saw this too! hmm, maybe I should buy it...NOT! It is a little over $3000. YIKES!!!

    Very nice looking bag!
  6. It's on for $3,840. They say that price is 20% off retail. I dunno ....
  7. someone on the board has it and i believe the retail price was about $4300 plus tax.
  8. good morning ladies,

    I am looking for a Gucci bag part of the last Tom Ford collection--- gold skin with dragon embellishment- Gold nugget chain
    any ideas?
  9. What a beauty!
  10. :tup:
  11. wow, this thread is over 2 years old.....
  12. I got mine from a personal shopper who works with the outlets. Her email is I paid $1500.

    It came with a store receipt. The price was blocked off but I was able to take it to Gucci to authenticate and they confirmed the purchase as authentic.

    I love this bag, no one has it out of my friends but me!!
  13. we would love to see pic :yes: