Gucci item removed

  1. I am so annoyed about how eBay has let seller sell items that are fake and not getting removed. I tried to sell my authentic bag they removed it!!! :sad: They seem to support fake bag sellers more than seller that are real.

    It annoys me so much that i see sooo much fake most are so obvious and they get away with it. for goodness sake!! I saw edith look alike with buy it now new for £100?!?! Whats that about. There seem to have an explosion of paddington replicas on eBay lately. I asked eBay why they removed my listing and they said it was their policy to remove copies:wtf: It was so humiliating that they think my bag is fake and that blooming so called edith wasn't? Have they gone blind!!?? I mean edith wasnt the only fakes, the whole first page of the bag list i notice was fake!! :cursing:
    This is the first time i had the problem with them but still feel really insulted.
  2. It's utterly infuriating and I had this issue with a Gucci bag. The only way to possibly help yourself and others is to keep reporting the counterfeit ones

    Have eBay asked you to fax a copy of your receipt?
  3. No nothing! They didn't answer me for days. When they did, they kept giving me the same answer.
    I never though about giving them a copy of my reciept. They should of suggested that. I don't think they have a clue.

    Did they eventually let you list your item?
  4. I just waited a while and relisted it and it sold