Gucci - is it the new Prada?

  1. Maybe it's just me, or the season. But lately I have been disappointed with Prada across the board. And I used to never like anything Gucci but now I think their collections are much more exciting and fun!

    Anyone else observe this?
  2. yea prada is getting way into their nylon pieces~
  3. I'm not a big an of prada. I have the small nylon pouchette that i got years ago. Everything looks the same. Its kind of dull. Gucci is coming out with all sorts of fantastic bags lately.
  4. They probably keep coming out w/ different bags because they keep switching the lead designers for their bags.. LOL :rolleyes:

    I'm not dissing gucci... but eversince T. Ford left, they've been "sampling" with designers for their purse line. That's why you get what you get.. Not to say that any of it is wack.. I just wish they would've kept T. Ford.
  5. Not sure if I worded my title correctly. What I meant to say is that a while back a lot of people were Prada-crazy and now Gucci seems to have come into their own. Does that make sense? Right now I find Prada really boring and Gucci more interesting.
  6. I don't love Prada anymore. I'm dying for a Gucci hobo though
  7. I wonder why gucci didn't keep tom ford....I wonder what he's doing now?

  8. from what I heard.... Tom Ford was designing for all divisions for gucci: shoes, purses, clothes, etc etc etc... Gucci didn't want him to have that much control so that's why after he left, Gucci went off and hired someone for shoes, someone for purses, etc etc... and when the lines didn't work that season, then that's when they get someone else. He does a make up line now and sunglasses. He is the BOMB!!!
  9. Tom Ford is an absolute GOD! He is smooooooooookin HOT!! uhhhh!!! I LOVE HIM!! Gucci's loss!!
  10. i'm not loving prada anymore either & can't wait to sell all my bags...most of 'em are in storage right now & i'm hoping to make some $$$ off them to help feed my gucci & b-bag frenzy ;)

    p.s. i've noticed there's not even a prada section on PF (?)
  11. i am very dissappointed with prada. their lines nowadays have become bland and consistent. nothing different or exciting!
  12. Prada was a fierce line in the early and mid 90's I have the famous black nylon backpack in Black and Cranberry. I haven't bought a Prada bag in almost 7 years. The shoes are still cute though. ;)
  13. I beg to differ ladies.

    Gucci designs I find are samey - whereas Prada comes out with completely different bags every season, I have 3 Prada bags, and promised myself I wouldn't get anymore. But I was walking past Prada the other day and saw a gorgeous doctor style bag in the store.. its gorgeous! I really want to get it, but I really shouldn't get another Prada so I am in 2minds.

    Why is it you gals don't like your Prada's anymore? In fact why are Prada bags not that popular I wonder?
  14. I think Prada bags are overrated. I don't see the point in paying that much money for a nylon bag. No offense, but that's just MY opinion...and I hear other people saying the same thing.

    As for Gucci, it has been my experience that Gucci has been more popular than Prada for ages, not just recently. I don't think Gucci ever really lost popularity.
  15. I have always considered Gucci popular! It has maintained its status because it always has great new pieces and has excellent craftsmanship, so you know you can wear your Gucci pieces for years. And Gucci handbags always stand out in a crowd!

    With Prada, I spent so much money on those nylon bags which, although durable, were too saturated in the marketplace. I remember being in a room- and there were 10 girls all wear nylon Prada bags- and about 7 were fake. That really turned me off to Prada. They looked like a dime a dozen.