Gucci Interlocking Icon Shoulder Bag????

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  1. I just bought this bag preloved today on Yoogi's. It was an unexpected buy, but I love the look and drawstring. Does any one own this bag? Is it a comfy bag? Pros and cons? I have 30 days to return.
  2. I think it has a gorgeous shape...Can you do some modeling shots with it?
  3. When I get it I will! This is my first gucci so I dont know if I will like it or gonna keep yet.
  4. It looks nice and comfy!
  5. fab bag, lucky you

  6. Hi there I own this bag in the brown guccissima leather and I love her. She's supper comfy and holds a lot. P
  7. Was $475 a good price for it?

  8. Absolutely regular price for on mines was $1400 and I got it on one of the sales for $979. You will love the convenience of the bag. It'll be your go to bag enjoy