Gucci Indy or the Miu Miu Coffer? Both in Silver

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  2. I have the coffer, love it! The leather is amazing so so soft, dont know how the silver would be I have it in Cera which is a cream color. I havent seen the silver coffer. I wanna see. I like the Indy bag though..hmmmm I need to see the silver coffer first. The Indy bag is heavy with the metal plates. Both are simular in size , coffer would be more comfortable. Indy is painful lol but oh so hot.
  3. I like the mui mui because it is less flashy.
  4. I like the coffer better-
  5. I will vote for the Miu2.
  6. The Miu Miu, not into the shiny bags trend.
  7. I don't care for silver bags. I like the Mui Miu better but in the color that you gave the link to. I don't know what it looks like in silver.
  8. i like the miu miu bag.
  9. Miu Miu. Silver will really date fast. This time next year the silver will be so out of date.
  10. Definitley the Coffer. That Indy bag is :sick:

    The ivory coffer is 2die4.
  11. Hi! I'd like to have an advice from you...I actually have a Louis vuitton Speedy 25, a Balenciaga SGH Marine City and a black Chanel 2.55 I'm looking for the next bag, but I'm still undecided between a brown Gucci Indy bag or a brown Miu Miu coffer...which one is better? I'm 24 years old... Thank you in advance!
  12. Miu Miu Coffer :sweatdrop:
  13. Am I the only one that prefers the indy? The coffer in nice but doesn't wow me and it's not something I'd wear really but I love indys - they combine three of my fave features - bamboo handles, tassles, bit of slouchyness :biggrin: