Gucci Indy Large Top Handle


    Are they just discontinuing this item? As in absolutely no Gucci stores will carry this purse? I was saving up money and now i'm kinda bummed out. Do you guys think
    they will make another similar ? Arggghh.. ):

    If it is discontinued, any ideas as to where I can find it? Other sites , etc
  2. There are heaps of large Indy bags available on
  3. The Indy is Gucci's 'it' bag this season, there are tons of them... For the S/S Indy bags, I would suggest going to an outlet.
  4. The next outlet is four hours away, it was that specific style that I wanted and didn't have it ):
  5. This one is a limited should ask your Gucci boutique to order it for SA in Vancouver told me that those did not even hit the floor they were all taken before the bag came out!
  6. i love love love how the indy bag looks but it's just so damn painful when i put it over the shoulder argh!