Gucci in Washington State?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I had searched the forums and found out that they sell Gucci at the Nordstrom in seattle downtown. I also heard that they carry Gucci at the Nordstrom in Bellevue, I was wondering if that was true! I plan to head down to the states on Monday and I want to check out their Gucci stuff there. I just want to make sure they have it so I don't go there and find out they don't carry Gucci!

  2. Yes, they have Gucci departments at Nordstrom. I've been to both the Seattle and Bellevue stores but, from what I remember, they seemed rather small and have limited selection (at least compared to the Hotel Van which is a free-standing boutique ). IMO, the Bellevue store seemed to have more bags -- they had Chloe, Marc Jacobs, etc. Mind you, I was there last year so things could've changed.

    Happy shopping and have a fun trip! :nuts:
  3. Yes in downtown Seattle Nordstrom, there are Chanel, YSL, Gucci, of course the selection can't compare with the actual store, they also carry a lot of Burberry, Chloe, Bottega etc.
  4. thanks girls!
    I just figured since I'll be going down to see if I can get a cheaper bag down there compared to Cdn prices :P. Now I have to figure out which store to go to!! heehee :smile:
  5. Try to go to both! :P If you can't, phone them to see which has the style that you want.
  6. You should go both of them because they are just 20 mins drive so check out both stores.
  7. And you can get Balenciaga at Barney's while you're downtown...if you want. LOL
  8. Also, the half yearly sale is coming up (first week of June I believe) and I was told by one of their SA that some of their Gucci will be on sale. He just wasn't sure which ones.
  9. ^ :wtf: I might have to wait till the first week of June to go down!!! thanks so much!!!!!
  10. Free parking at the Bellevue location.
  11. oh gosh..bring me too peachy_gurl!! LOL just kidding. i think i'm going to head down there during early march too! just to see whats up at the sales down there :smile: i dont really think the prices will be MUCH better than ones in vancouver though..maybe just a different selection
  12. haha!!! you mean your going early June! :P not march!!
    I have to find out the exact sale date, and when I do, I'll let you know!!!
    Your right the prices might be the same, but you never know :graucho:
  13. The Pacific Place parking garage reimburses parking i think $2 when you receipt at the concierge @ Nordstrom ( right next to designer shoes). They give you tokens that you reimburse with the parking attendant when paying your way out.
    True, both Nordstroms sell Gucci.
  14. Hi,
    I got the following info from Laura (SA in downtown Seattle store) about bags they have on presale now

    Price List:
    > * Gucci Peggy straw hobo $979 from 1495
    > * Gucci Peggy straw tote $979 from 1495
    > * Gucci Peggy anaconda tote $1969 from 2990
    > * Gucci Britt large leather boston $1149 from 1755
    > * Gucci Peggy leather tote $1209 from 1840
    > * Gucci Peggy large signature tote $929 from 1420
    > * Gucci Peggy small signature tote $889 from 1360
    > * Gucci Peggy flora hobo $949 from 1450
    > * Gucci Peggy anaconda hobo $2099 from 3150
    > * Gucci Positano with lizard trim $1119 from 1700
    > * Gucci Borsa Eclipse $469 from 725
    > * Gucci Boulevard Bowler $589 from 895
    > * Gucci Boulevard Tote $539 from 830
    > * Gucci Boulevard Cross-body $509 from 780
    > * Gucci Romy Flat Tote $1609 from 2450
    > * Gucci Romy Satchel $1179 from 1795

    Half yearly sale starts on Wednesday 6/6/07. I have more pictures but I guess I'm only limited to five here. Anyways, hope this helps.

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  15. I have no idea how the Boulevard line's like. Can you please post a pic of this line for me. TIA.