gucci in nassau bahamaas

  1. Is it cheaper to buy a gucci handbag in the nassau bahamaas?
  2. I'm not sure if the actual bag prices will be cheaper but there's NO TAX in the bahamas. You might actually find bags that they don't have here. Are you going there anytime soon?
  3. yes i am going on a cruise on may 28th to bahamaas
  4. There are two Gucci boutiques there, one in the Atlantis and one in town (this one is bigger) with all the other shops, so make sure you check out both. I love the Bahamas, I want to go back so bad! Have fun and hope you bring some Gucci goodies back with you!
  5. thanks alot
  6. Last time I was there the prices were the same as US but like Krazy said, they are tax free. Also, you may be lucky and the Bahamas may have a sale at the time you are going since it is close to the US sale time. I was there in November and a few of the sale bags were left that I didn't see at home. Good luck and have a great time.

    P.S. Take the 10 bus to fish fry for lunch, it is AMAZING! It is very authentic and a lot of the tourists don't go there and it is all locals!
  7. I went there just a little over a year ago :cloud9:... i need to go back! i love Atlantis! Anyway the one in town had a good selection of sale items! some of the items on display though, shoes in particular, looked a bit rugged/used, so hopefully they'll have brand new ones in the back, but that's if they still get a good selection of stuff. That store is on one of the corners of the main road and an alley, near the square, I think.

    But the boutique in Atlantis, is a little smaller than the one in town, like what krazy4bags said. It's right outside of the casino and stands in the fork of the hallways to the other high end shops. You can also enter through the doors right next to the pizza joint in front of where all the yachts park, from what I remember.
  8. DH and I were there last June and the prices were the same as the US but NO TAX.
    However the one in town had a HUGE selection of shoes all on sale from past seasons and of course both hubby and I bought a pair each - he paid I think $200 (all leather loafer with guccisima) and I paid $260 (brown canvas pumps). One of our highlights to great trip!! :blush:

  9. Yes - this is exactly correct on both locations.
    Bahamas and Gucci are a great combo!!