Gucci in Hong Kong

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  1. Hi everyone -

    I am an LV/Burberry gal, so I am unfamiliar with Gucci and hoping that someone can help...

    My mom is in Hong Kong right now and phoned to tell me that there are a LOT of shops in HK selling Gucci handbags...little handbag stores in malls, etc. and they post signs indicating that they are "real". I would assume that authentic Gucci bags are only sold in authorized stores...

    Has anyone seen this or purchased one of these bags and/or could possibly comment on the authenticity of bags from shops like this?

    Thanks for your help! :balloon:
  2. Little shops selling Gucci are fake items. Tell your mom to stay away from them. On the gucci site, they list over 10 legitimate places that your mom can purchase authentic pieces.
  3. the only store other than the Gucci boutique or department stores that you can count on it sells real Gucci would be Milan Station, but they sell secondhand bags only.
  4. Yeah,they are the replica on the little shops,but they are very cheap.
  5. Thanks, everyone! I thought so..
    Where is Milan Station? I don't think she would mind a second hand bag - sometimes you can find some beautiful vintage bags in really good condition.
  6. All are jokers, giving joker's answers!