Gucci Iman triple strap problem...HELP!!

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  1. I recieved my black Gucci Iman ankle strap sandals and there is no serial # on the shoe. I have the t strap ones as well but they are ok ( they have a serial #) Do you think Saks sent me a fake pair? Does anyone else have the same problem? Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  2. hmmm...i just checked mine, they have a (serial?) # on the underside of the front side leather part that goes over your toes, along with the size #. can you post pics of yours?
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    Last edited: Jul 4, 2009
    Here are some pics. I seen yours ^ thats why I got confused. Hope someone can tell me whats going on. I didn't even get any dustbags....:cry:

  4. Sorry, don't really know a lot about judging the authenticity - but they look real to me? Just wanted to say congrats on getting the black - I could only track them in coral for me, but would kill for those :smile: