Gucci Iman Shoe

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  1. Does anyone have these cute shoes? I saw it in a magazine a few weeks ago and fell in love with them! It's really pricy though....if anyone has them i would like to hear your review of them! and pics too :smile:

  2. The shoe is for pre-order now
  3. wow! thanks for the pic! they look gorgeous on!!! wowza!!!! those are sooo expensive though..i think $1350 or so..are you planning on getting them Danielle?
  4. Hi
    I guess this style is nothing for me. I will not buy this shoes.:nogood: I have the anniversary Sandale :heart::heart:
  5. i really want to get them.. any one tried them on? comfy?

  6. bump? anyone? I'm also curious....Comfy? Hard to walk in thick platforms?
  7. I tried them on when it went on sale for $1000CAD.
    I think it is true to size since I am a size 5, i tried the 5 on but the ankle part of it is quite loose. I don't know if it is because i have a really skinny feet or what not.
    But I don't think it is hard to walk in at all because of the thick platform it is actually quite comfortable if the ankle straps fit you perfectly.
  8. I found the Iman's (at least the tallest version/"105mm" as labeled on the box) to run very big, by at least 1/2 a size. For the smaller sizes it's probably best to size down one full size. I'm usually a 36 and took a 35 in my Iman's.....anything bigger and the ankle part would be too loose and it would be an ankle sprain awaiting to happen. As long as you get the right size it's a totally walkable shoe, esp. given how high the heel is.
  9. these are Beautiful! I want a pair
  10. yes very comfy pretty tall so some leg exercise there :smile: i love it .. just takes a while to put them on and take them off

    some modeling pictures are on my thread below
  11. yea i have the 2 strap version and they are comfortable, even for a 8 month pregnant woman like me.
  12. O Gosh, I want a pair sooooo bad, I just love the way they look. I am watching a pair on Eb** right now, they are selling for a little over 600.00 .Trying to decide
  13. When I read your post; I had to laugh, I was just like you when I was 8 months pregnant, didn't stop me from wearing super high platforms.

  14. ITA, I am normally a 35.5 and sized down to a 34.5 and they are still roomy and the platform makes it comfortable. I love wearing them because I feel like a "normal" sized person, since I am 5'0 & 95lbs lol! I was worried that they would be wearing me since they're so high, but after seeing pictures of Jada Pinkett Smith wearing similar platform Ferragamos I went for it!