Gucci Horsebit Print Tote & Styledrop

  1. Hi everyone...i'm a newbie here..but hopefully it doesn't make you all hesitant to help me...:smile:

    I've been eyeing this gucci tote with horsebit print on, it's currently on sale for $ I was just wondering if it's a good buy..does anyone here know the original retail price for this bag?


    If you have this bag and have pictures of you carrying this bag i would love to see how it looks on someone...

    also, just want to make sure again that styledrops sell authentic stuff, right??

    thanks a lot before...and have a good day for everyone here....:smile:
  2. anyone??...:wondering
  3. This is the smaller Lido Tote - I know the large one sold for approx $675 plus tax. So this is a very good buy - especially for Styledrops. They are expensive, but their bags are authentic. Hope this helps.
  4. thank you Iwan....I didn't know this one is the small size since it's measured around 15 1/2 x 12 1/2...anyway, i ordered this thru styledrops but just now i received email from them saying the bag is out of their inventory do not always aligned with the website....i'm waiting for my money back now.

    i have one other gucci bag in mind that i found on think this one is authentic? it looks authentic to me but the seller only has 4 feedbacks so far.....would really appreciate it if anyone can help me. Thanks!!

    here's the link
    eBay: Auth. Gucci "Abbey" Large Tote 100% Chic & Classic (item 230027244243 end time Sep-15-06 19:51:02 PDT)