Gucci Horsebit in pink?

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  1. gucci did make the horsebit hobo bag in that color, but i would assume the one in the above auction is a fake, seeing that the seller has an "authentic" chloe going for 34 dollars!
  2. there was such a bag, as you can see jessica simpson is wearing it in that pic. but this one is definitely fake.
  3. That bag was made- and quite rare. I can't tell you if I think this bag is authentic (because I am never all that good at that!), but I can tell you that the bag was made!
  4. I own that bag! Raspberry Large Horsebit Hobo - yum.
    Got it last Spring (I'm thinking late March) @ Gucci in Dallas... and I love it! I'm not sure how many were even made, but I know when I saw the prototype @ Gucci I had to have it - and I think the pre-order list closed shortly after I signed up!
  5. beautiful! One of the few gucci bags I like :biggrin:
  6. i am making a purchase in ebay. i won the gucci horsebit hobo in pink. before paying, i would like to see more pictures of this bag. the seller sent me more pictures of it, and i just want to compare it ..thanks
  7. yeah that bag was made :smile: when i saw it on j.simpson i fell in love with it. i have it & love it to death :smile:
  8. Can I find this bag anyWhere? DesperatE! Authentic only
  9. ^Try Bonanza, ebay, and online consignment stores. Unfortunately any posted on ebay/bonanza almost all are fake. During the time I gave my opinion on the authentication thread, I've never seen a real pink horsebit. Good luck trying to hunt one down! I'm sure if it's authentic, it will be quite pricey!
  10. Well I own an authentic gucci pink horsebit hobo small bag and I know it's authentic. Just wanted the large style but I am convinced they are all fakes:sad: