gucci horsebit in chocolate brown ?????

  1. hi everyone! recently, i saw a girl on the streets of san francisco wearing a large chocolate/dark brown leather horsebit hobo. it looked beautiful! i could not tell whether it was authentic or not..does anyone know if gucci actually made a chocolate brown horsebit hobo?:confused1: i only know of the black leather, cognac (tan) leather and the white...the only chocolate horsebit leather i can think of is the guccissima but i was positive that the one the girl was wearing was a dark brown smooth leather one.

    p.s. i finally saved up enough to buy the hobo bag (YAY!:yahoo:) im deciding over leather or canvas..medium or large..currently, im craving the white leather horsebit hobo but my bf thinks im going to stain the white leather -_- what do you guys think? medium or large? what color leather? or beige or black monogram canvas? and if so, what colors do you like? i am 19 yrs old and 5 feet 3 inches...
  2. I have two leather ones, LOVE them, I have found found that people either love it or think it's way too big. The bag is definitely very large (I'm 5'10") and the strap can be uncomfortable. It's size means that it iften bumps into things and the leather scuffs easily especially the corners, I am constantly treating mine with leatherstuff products. I would avoid the white because of this. I really love it though, such a head turner have the black and tan (fav leather color is tan)and think I want the beige fabric. The beige fabric is gorgeous, perhaps lighter than the leather I think. PF Member Pelinaka has posted pictures of her gorgeous GG fabric one.
  3. I've NEVER seen a smooth chocolate brown hobo?!....fake perhaps?:shrugs:
    If you're glutzy like I am go for the dark color, your bf is right about staining and marks. As for size, I'm 5'2" (I usually wear 3-4 in. shoes, though) and a size 16, I love the large hobo....this bag is one of my top favorites in my collection.
    (11) Gucci -  Horsebit Leather Hobo, Large - 1495.JPG
  4. the leather bag is beautiful, both tan and black! gosh, i think im going to get the leather instead of the beige fabric for now..eventually, i want both of them, haha. now..the choice..the tan or the is definitely going to be large! medium is very classy though. you can go out at night with it..but with the large, its more of a day bag, in my opinion.