Gucci Horsebit Hobos

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  1. I've been looking at the large tradtional fabric ones and saw some on EBAY. Are all of the ones on Ebay fake? I'm new to looking at purses on Ebay & need advice. Thanks for any comments.
  2. Most of them are fake.. unfortuately. If you see a particular bag that you're curious about, you can post it in the seller watch and we can give you our opinions on it ! ;)
  3. there is one brown fabric and one black fabric that might be real, other than that, they're all definately fake. i'd bite the bullet and buy from the boutique if you really want it.

  4. Are you looking for the largest size they have or the medium/lrg one? I have one in brown jacquard fabric that I bought at a boutique that I might be interested in parting with?
  5. I was looking for the large one, the brown fabric (I don't think it's leather). It is the traditional Gucci fabric. And yes, I would be interested.
  6. I thought the large one would be a good travel bag. I don't think I would try to use it everyday.
  7. Yea, mine is the traditional fabric...I can post pics for you if you want so you can take a look at it?;)
  8. i'm interested as well. i wanna see pics!
  9. Ok, I will take pics tomorrow..sorry can't do it tonight. I have soo much to do before I go to bed. I'll let y'all know though! Immaculate condition too! I'm trying to get some more $ for another bag and I find myself just not using it as much.
  10. i have the chocolate brown suede guccisima one, and i am FINALLy taking it out of the house tomorrow, i've had it since october! i'm so afraid of ruining the suede...