Gucci Horsebit Hobo

  1. Okay, this has been driving me crazy - for anyone here who has one of these please tell me: What is the bag lined with? Does the plain leather have a different lining to the 'guccisima' leather? I'm trying to figure out which of the bags on ebay are real and which are fake - I know some from the colour of the hardware, but I need more information. Help?:unsure:
  2. It depends on what u consider the Gucci Horesebit hobo to be. i noticed on ebay they are calling "the jessica simpson bag" the horsebit hobo, but in the Gucci stores this bag is called the Large chain hobo.

    If you are talking about that bag i have only seen it in brown and it is lined with brown fabric. I'm not sure about the Guccisima

    I had this same problem a while back searching for it on ebay and gave up....about 99.9% of those Gucci bags are fakes.
  3. Hi -- A really quick way to weed through a huge number of fakes: Authentic Horsebit Hobos do NOT ever have "hidden magnetic closures." If they list it in their description or if you spot one in the photos, it's a guaranteed fake. Hope this helps some.