gucci horsebit hobo question!!!

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  1. I'm interested in the large gucci horse bit. but the last time i tried it on i had a jacket on and it wasn't too comfy on the shoulders. i don't know if it was my jacket or the bag. do any of you own the large size? how does it sit on the shoulders? do you find it too big?
    thanks in advance!

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  2. I have the large one in black. I don't have any problems with shoulder comfort and as far as the size I love it ! If you can, try it on again because it's not cheap. I love mine.
  3. It slips of the Shoulder at times.
  4. Perhaps when it's broken in the strap will become more comfortable and slip less.
  5. Moe,

    I have the horsebit hobo in black leather and I LOVE THIS BAG. I recieve so many compliments on it. At first I found it to be uncomfortable and funny looking on me. It was stiff and didn't look how I thought it would look like. But I loved it so much that I said I will deal with it. Well after wearing for a while it broke in just fine. Some people find that the shoulder part can be a little annoying but I didn't notice it after a few wears. I love this bag and will never give it up. So get it. I am sure you will enjoy it.
  6. I have the medium size & have never had a problem w/ it slipping. I love it & get compliments on it all the time!
  7. I have the large canvas hobo and it does feel al little heavy on my shoulder at times. I don't care because I love it!
  8. To DCENEUS, is it true that your large hobo closure is not magnatic? I love this bag too and am thinking of getting it...still not sure if I want a bag without zipper closure of some kind...thanks for your input.
  9. I have this bag and I love it! It doesn't have a closure.
  10. I have the large black horsebit and have rarely used it. The shoulder strap is VERY uncomfortable (and heavy). It's so cute, though and get compliments whenever I use it.
  11. hey guys i recently went to gucci for a pelham but i came across the large horsebit and i love it!!! so i decided to give myself a few days and i have decided on the horsebit. but i am stuck on whether i should get a black leather on of the GG fabric with white leather. what are you thoughts? thanks :smile:!
  12. I love the GG fabric with the dark brown, very classic and traditional but still trendy. The white I saw I thought was very spring and too trendy. I guess if I think about it some more it can be classic but I thought with how long these bags are going to last I would go with the dark brown. Just my thought! I would love to hear what you have decide.