gucci horsebit hobo needed

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  1. so, I have been in love with LV...azur, damier, mono...Now, all of a sudden I'm in love with gucci too. I tried the Ebay world to buy my first gucci...I end up on a fake one!
    I want a gucci horsebit hobo large and tried calling all the outlet, stores and since my desire bag was released 2005 they are no longer in stores!
    Would appreciate any comments, feedbacks, recommendations where can I get this gucci horsebit that I have been dreaming on!!!:graucho:
  2. Seacaucus Gucci outlet had one awhile back, you could try calling there. Good luck!
  3. Aww..I called them..the SA told me the bag was sold just last Tuesday:pout:!!!
  4. Try the St. Augustine outlet - saw the horsebit hobo there after Xmas....Otherwise, try the mall on Authentic Forum - a member (not me!) is selling her bag.
  5. saks off fifth has the horsebit hobos in guccisima leather.
    they also had the ones with horsebit pattern on the canvas.

    good luck, hope u find it!!
  6. The one on AF is the medium size, she's looking for the large. ;)

  7. Oops! :shame: That's what happens when I get no sleep!! Thanks Sneezz. GL OP!!
  8. Thanks so much guys!I appreciate. I called also the saks off fifth..still no luck!..yeah I love large...even though I'm not that tall!..would you believe even my DH is looking for this gucci bag yesterday?still no luck...I'll check authentic forum I guess.
  9. awww goood luck!!! i have this and it's my holy grail bag! it truly is a gem!!

  10. Thanks, I have seen a lot online but something's not ok with the bag. So I guess I'm just gonna keep my finger crossed for a while. This weekend will try my luck again..:faint:
  11. I think that this is My Gucci HG