gucci horsebit hobo Large

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  1. I'm still in love w/ this bag but can't find in department store. Any ideas on authentic seller on ebay (it used to be flooded w/ fakes)? Or any other websites that r 100% authentic?

    I have speedy and spy hobo, but I can't stop thinking about how practical and timeless the horse bit hobo must be

  2. i dunno im upset i bought a fake :sad:
  3. I think 95% of the ones on ebay are fake. But there must be a few honest people looking to sell real ones (cleaning out closet?)
  4. i just got one off ebay, i think it's a fake. i know there's a logo on the zipper pocket, the metal on the zipper does not say GUCCI, the strap doesnt' even fit on my shoulder, any tips on how to tell real vs fake??
  5. I bought a fake on eBay as well. I returned it IMMEDIATELY without hassle.

    The seller continued to tell me it was "authentic" and not a fake. She continued to say it even as she was returning my money.

    I would just buy it from Gucci. They have plenty in the Los Angeles boutiques.
  6. I got mine off eBay but it took MONTHS of waiting. I don't know what it is but that bag is tough to get off eBay. You can just get it off the Gucci website though, but eBay is definitely less. It just takes forever for one to come up, like I seriously waited months and I checked DAILY then I finally got it when an authentic one was FINALLY being sold, haha. It's a great bag, I love it a lot.
  7. This bag is a great one and the reason that Adore had to wait months to find one. Honestly, the tan version was on sale a year or so ago but now that they are apart of the classic collection, you can pretty much forget about finding one on sale via Gucci. Personally, I have given up the search and set my sights on another bag...if you are willing to really search, I still think that you may have a chance! Good Luck!
  8. Its on Saks and Neimans via the classic collection. Do you want leather or logo fabric?
  9. please go re-read tPF's rules before posting here again.

  10. You are not allowed to buy or sell here.......
  11. hey people, before you answer a thread w/ comments that are not allowed here, take a look at the date. It's inlikely this member is still even looking for this bag a year later!!!!!!!!!
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