Gucci Horsebit Clutch--vintage or classic style?

  1. Is the horsebit clutch from Tom Ford? And if so, is it not made/produced anymore?

    I'm just a little confused.

  2. Yup, it's from the Tom Ford era, no longer made. I sold mine on eBay recently and eBay as well as the US outlets is the best place to get one.
  3. What is US outlets? I want a black logo clutch ... I had a red one in lizard (or snakeskin--but sold it).
  4. ^ There are Gucci outlet stores in the US that have carried the horsebit clutch in the past (not sure about current stock).
  5. I have a beautiful horsebit clutch, and wouldn't dream of getting rid of it. I absolutely adore it. Good luck in finding one.
  6. i need to add this to my collection!
  7. Yes, they were from the Tom Ford era. I had a black one with green/red web and a fuschia pink one...though I sold both on eBay. Authentic ones turn up on there from time to time. With the new emphasis on clutches I think they are a nice choice. They cam in different sizes so be aware of that when looking. I preferred the large size which were about 15 inches long. There was a smaller size than that. Note that the chain strap on these detached also, which makes them very versatile.
  8. I love this bag. I was lucky enough to get one on sale in Vegas before I was really into gucci. It is def. a keeper for me.
  9. I want this ltch so bad......can't find it!!!!
  10. Does anyone have a pic of this?
    I am unable to do a search....
  11. Do you mean a clutch like this

  12. Those are my three large this style!!!:love::love:
    1.jpg 3.jpg
  13. Hot clutches stefyp! I especially like the black and the one with the purple stripe.
  14. Here's a picture of my horsebit clutch. I would suggest trying the Gucci outlet in Florence. I am certain they have loads of it in various styles.