Gucci Horsebit/Chain Bag - Did the leather change?

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  1. I bought a large tan leather Gucci horsebit hobo (now called the Chain bag) in spring 05 that has very smooth, almost flat leather, with no texture.

    Now I see the same bag on the Bergdorf and Saks website and the tan color not only looks a little darker, but also different in texture.

    Can anyone who has seen the new season bags IRL vouch for this, or is the leather the same as last year?
  2. I havent seen the new season bags, but Ive heard this before. Does your bag's leather have a bit of sheen too?? I read that once you use it for a couple weeks, it breaks in and the texture gets softer and less shiny as time goes.
  3. Come to think of it, it has less of a sheen now than when I first got it. I conditioned it with Appleguard leather conditioner which helped break it in a bit. I'd like to see the new season bags to compare.
  4. roey .. do u mind posting a pic of ur bag?:flowers:
  5. Roey, I'd love to see a pic of the horsebit hobo. Can you post one of yours?
  6. OK I finally saw this bag at NM. Roey, it is definitely darker than our tan, I like the new color actually better grrrr!! The leather feels very nice, again better, but it has some sort of wide, wavy striations in the leather, the leather still feels smooth though. I prefer the color and feel of the new version but the striations are a bit weird IMO!
  7. I can't believe I just caught your reply! Haven't been paying attention to the Gucci forum lately.

    I had a feeling the color would be better but it looks along the line of the Whiskey Paddington I just ebayed - a deeper cognac. I had a hard time matching the whiskey to my outfits so would probably have the same problem with the darker tan Gucci. When I enlarged the photos of the new leather on the NM and Saks website with the zoom in feature, I saw those striations. I guess I'll just be happy with my bag and leave it at that! Thanks for reporting back!!
  8. My pleasure Roey! We do have a great bag, those striations are weird!