Gucci Horsbit Hobo


*I want to keep on playin
Oct 15, 2005
I am wondering about the gucci horsebit hobo(large) The ostrich, the white one, the spots, are they actually an above marking on the leather?And are you able to fill the dots? They look like dots...:amuse:Kinda odd, like someone puncture holes from the inside. But I am not able to look that closely.....Any help on how they are...
The 'dots' on ostrich are raised and you can't feel them from the inside. They are strictly a 'bump' on the outside. And they are raised (perhaps with a small dimple in the middle of each mound....). It's where the feather was plucked from.
I do? Gee, I didn't realize. Glad to help out. I used to be in the watch business and ostrich is a common skin for high end straps. I also have an ostrich Celine.