Gucci Hobo

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  1. Lately, I have been seeing some ladies carrying a really beautiful gucci monogram hobo with bamboo rings on the handles...Ive been searching online to find out what its called and how much it costs....does ANYONE know what Im takling about?:worried:
  2. i dont know if you can really find it anymore...its from like3-4 seasons ago....just call your gucci store...
  3. Im so out of the gucci loop...I thought it was new!!!!:sad2:
  4. no sorry babes. its a old season bag ...( i think it wasn't too big when it came out) and now its a huge thing but impoosible to get your hands on...also lots of fakes out there1!
  5. Hi my first post on this site been watchin for a while now and thought it time to ask some advice from some experts.....
    I have been thinking about trying to get a Gucci Hobo myself and looking on line there are so many crap fakes about. Can anyone tell me do the 'real' Hobos have the magnetic button fasteners on top or are they just left open to fold in on themselves. I cannot seem to get an honest answer from anyone especially from Ebay esellers you never know if they are truthful or just wanting to sell you some trash......
    Anyone any advice pleeeeeeese......
  6. ^^^^ I have the large Gucci Hobo w/ horsebit strap, while I have read that some legit Guccis have the magnetic closure I have yet to see one! My bags (purchased sirect from Gucci) definitely do not! It may be worth emailing/calling Gucci to get a more definitive answer. If you have authenticity questions about this particluar bag, please let me know, there are a shameful number of fakes out there! Welcome to PF!!
  7. Thanks for your reply it still sounds like there may be some authentic ones with the magnets but I am beginning to think more likely that if they have got the magnets to steer clear of them.
    Thanks for the welcome
  8. Drlisa-
    I have the bag with the bamboo handles-except mine is from last summer and has the floral print...My hubby bought it for me and I never used it....Bamboo handles are not comfy to carry for a mom with kids!
  9. I had the large black Horsebit Hobo which did not have a snap closure. My tan does not have one either. (I returned the black for the tan.) Both bags were purchased at Bergdorf Goodman.

    The price tag alone on the ebay bags should be a dead giveaway that almost all of them are fake. The real deal is up to $1495 USD! Buy retail for peace of mind. I'd rather spend the money for the authentic Gucci than a substandard fake. These bags will hold their value if you ever decide to part with it. Plus, a year after I bought the black, BG allowed me to exchange it for the tan, because the black bag wasn't getting any use.
  10. is this???found it in sale on bluefly...i think the monogrammed version is no longer available...
  11. Dr. Lisa....welcome to my nightmare :cry: :wacko: :suspiciou

    I've been obsessed with that bamboo ring gucci bag for a year now... :love:

    Maybe if we team up we may be able to track it down :idea:
  12. DRLISA - I have not seen that bag around recently. I know that my sister picked one up in black monogram last summer. I wonder if any outlets would still have any, it's hard to say since they are getting more popular.
  13. Is this the style you are looking for? (though this one is made of all leather). It was from the Fall '04 Season.

    Black bamboo handle_002_1.jpg

    Sorry, don't have it anymore...sold on ebay when new.

    If it is the one, maybe you can try the Want to Buy section. Feel free to use this photo to convey the style!
  14. I just bought this bag from the summer 2006 collection. Is this what you are talking about except in a hobo style?

  15. Yikes! I don't know why the pic is sooooooooo large. sorry.:shame: