Gucci Hobo hardware-silver or gold?

  1. Hi

    I am not very familiar with GUCCI bag design.I came
    across eBay and notice the GUCCI hobo horsebit size large is in silver as well as gold for the hardware (buckel).

    Which one is 'real'?I went to Gucci website and it showes the black hobo bag comes with silver hardware.

    There are some 'trusted e bay seller' sell the bag with Gold colour hardware.its authentic as they claim and its money bck 100%!

    I am interested to get one.can anyone come up and share the information please?

    warna warnie
    Life is Colourful:yes:
  2. Usually gucci hardware is light gold... on most bags... post a pic of it in the authenticate this gucci thread they will help you there!
  3. Let me search for that picture first... ..yup its light gold ,not gold ..MM.. how about silver/?So u mean both colour are 'real'?

    warna warnie
    life is colourful
  4. I'm also curious of this as well.
  5. the black bags have the silver hardware on the chain :smile:
  6. ^^^ Not all black bags... as my leather Capri has gold hardware....
  7. yeah the abbey has the light gold also...i guess my post was unclear

    my bad.,...i meant to say the chain has silver hardware :smile:
  8. so..its silver hardware for large black gucci hobo bag(the jacquad type..) and not gold?Anyone has a light gold large gucci hobo bag that is authentic?

    I notice theblack medium hobo has silver hardware ,i checked at gucci store recently.Unfortunately the store do not have the large one and the girl wasnt i cant check.
  9. gold&black.JPG
  10. I mean the Large Gucci Hobo bag (Black ,Jacquard) ..not the rest of the Gucci,Some has silver ,some has light gold.
    :confused1: Confuse here.
  11. The chain hobo in black comes in both light gold and silver hardwear. hope this helps
  12. silver for me!
  13. I have the large chain hobo in the guccissima in navy blue. It came with light gold hardware. the black comes with silver.
  14. I have the large black leather Gucci Horsebit Hobo and it has light gold hardware.