Gucci Hobo Britt- What do you think??

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  1. I am so tempted right now! Opinions please! Yay or nay...

  2. Love it.
  3. Yay, I got one in guccissima and absolutely love it!!!
  4. i like the large britt in brown leather....
  5. I was going to buy it, but it's python and they won't ship to California. :shocked::crybaby:I hope someone gets this, it is going for such a great price!
  6. I tried it on in the guccisima and it was such a great fit! Congrats!!!! which color did you get?
  7. Yummy! I may have just found the next bag I want on my "GIMME!" list!:yes:

    Now if the FedEx truck would just get here today with my new Amalfi!!! I'm so tired of waiting!!!:crybaby:
  8. I don't know what color :shame: My husband bought it for me, it's a really pretty light grey color and there are pics in the "My husband just bought me ..." thread.
  9. I like this bag in brown leather too.. just not python.
  10. YAY!! Love it!
  11. whomever is thinking of purchasing should wait until has there sale 12/5 because they mark down 40% and Saks,NM etc marks down only 30%
  12. yay go for it
  13. oh, that bag is HOT! I love the exotics! The python is stunning! If you get her please post pics:P