Gucci high heel clogs...any feedback?

  1. I'm dying for these...[​IMG]
    anyone have a pair...are they true to size? Sorry, wasn't sure if this should go in Gucci or the glass slipper forum :shame: . I'm completely drooling here...:drool:
  2. Those are gorgeous! I wonder if they are comfortable? I've never had a pair of Gucci's or shoes like that.
  3. I love those shoes..Were are they from? I want them.
  4. ^^ I first saw them when I was shoe shopping at the local Nordstrom...but they are online at with ship date of 4/06. Hmm...can't decide...aren't they amazing?
  5. I just bought a pair from Neimans and I bought my regular size. I purchased the neutral version for spring, they are beautiful.
  6. They are really cute.
  7. I think they are cute.
  8. I pre-ordered these at NM. I have this style in two other colors from past seasons.They are true to size and very comfortable.I wear them alot!
  9. Yes, they are true to size. Go for it, I want a 2nd pair!! I think they're *classics*.

    Ive never had a pair of gucci's that werent TTS.
  10. Awesome clogs, you will never go wrong with those !:p
  11. ^^ thanks, all! I'm going for it - can't wait!
  12. I love them. They would go very well w/ casual outfit.